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Judy Sheindlin quits "Judge Judy" after 25 seasons and comes back with a new show

The successful American scripted reality court show with Judy Sheindlin is discontinued, but will be followed up with “Judy Justice”.

The pseudo-documentary court show "Judge Judy" with judge Judy Sheindlin comes to an end after 25 seasons. The most popular US court program, which has already won three Emmys, premiered on CBS in September 1996. Each episode presents fictional criminal law cases judged by Judy Sheindlin. On Monday, the actress announced on the program “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that the 25th season, which will be broadcast for the first time from autumn this year to spring 2021, will also be the last.

The broadcaster CBS will broadcast reruns of the popular court show in the future, while Judy Sheindlin has not had enough and is devoting herself to a new project. Your new broadcast "Judy Justice" is already in preparation, although not much is known about it yet. It is unclear whether this is the same concept as «Judge Judy» and on which new broadcaster the show will be shown.

The 77-year-old judge and actress is the highest-paid TV star on American television. She earns $ 47 million a year for her appearance in "Judge Judy", which around nine million viewers watch every day. In 2017, she also sold the rights to more than 5,200 hours of the series to CBS, who paid nearly $ 100 million for it. She was later sued for allegedly withholding $ 4.75 million from the proceeds of two producers who helped launch the series over twenty years ago.

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