Are there any good windsurfing spots in Turkey?

Wind & Water: The 6 best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing

Expert Gareth Bayley tells us the six top destinations for windsurfing and kitesurfing: So, hit the big water, get on your board and get to know the best surfing beaches.

1. El Médano, Tenerife, Spain

It takes just ten minutes by car from Tenerife Sur Airport to El Médano - and you are in the paradise of windsurfers and kitesurfers. Strong land winds coming diagonally from the left and mild water temperatures ensure a unique surfing experience all year round: the hard-core can even wear board shorts and Lycra shirts, while short wetsuits are sufficient for the "wimps". The strongest and most reliable is the wind in the summer, but a north-east trade wind, which is additionally reinforced by a thermal effect, ensures that the wind statistics are also good for the rest of the year. In summer it is best to leave the big kites and sails at home, because here the athletes tend to use them 7 meter kites or even smaller specimens and the windsurfers go 3.5 to 5 meter sails.

Hot spots:

💦 The bay of El Médano - ideally suited for every level due to the mix of small and short waves. In the course of the morning the wind increases in strength here, then remains very stable during the day, so that surfers find the best conditions until sunset. For beginners, however, El Médano may not be the best spot - nevertheless there are schools for kite- and windsurfing on the beach that offer qualified courses.

💦 Cabezo - There is a strong updraft here, so the waves here are only suitable for advanced surfers.

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2. Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Spain

Here, just like in Tenerife, there is very good and reliable wind and also a lot of leisure activities on the beach - in case the wind should die down. However, Fuerteventura is so blessed with winds that the island is now one of the greatest world tours in kiting.

Hot spots:

💦 Sotavento - A long and wide beach with a lagoon for beginners. Further out, a mix of unclean and large waves attracts the more advanced surfers. Sotavento is approximately 40 to 50 minutes from the island's Puerto del Rosario Airport.

💦 Flag Beach - Flag Beach is Fuerteventura's second main wind spot in the northeast of the island. With sufficient wind and waves all year round, water sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to be active at any time. A surf school is also on site and provides all kite and windsurfers with the necessary equipment if required.

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3. Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Cabarete is a legendary spot for windsurfers and kite surfers in the middle of the Caribbean. The relaxed beach atmosphere is ideal for recovering from unsuccessful surf tricks. The perfect place to combine a Caribbean vacation and wind demands. The wind in Cabarete is most reliable in the Summer months. Cabarete is approximately a half hour drive from Puerto Plata Airport. It is a little further to the next airport: This is in Santo Domingo and it takes between three and four hours to get here by car. The range of accommodation in Cabarete is huge - there is something for every taste and budget. There is also a large selection of bars and restaurants on the city's main beach.

Hot spots:

💦 Cabarete Kite Beach - It can get really crowded at this imaginatively named kite spot. The reason for this is the relatively shallow water that is protected by a reef.

💦 Bozo Beach - Everyone will find their place on the extensive beaches of Cabarete, for example on Bozo Beach. It's a little closer to the city and has rather unclean and small waves. And should it still get boring, you can always book one of the guided downwinders.

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4. Aruba, ABC Islands

The Dutch branch of Aruba is located off the coast of Venezuela and has one of the most reliable wind statistics in the world. Although the island is not particularly big, you cannot avoid renting a car - at least not if you want to take the best of both surf spots with you, because they are located exactly at one end of the island and the other. By the way, Aruba is also ideal for Diving - due to the numerous wrecks and reefs. But Aruba has even more to offer: The island is also the perfect vacation spot for Couples or Families with children, who also like to do things separately on vacation. For lazy people, for example, the magnificent coral sand beaches outside the large hotel complexes are ideal. And in the evening everyone comes together again for a relaxed and delicious dinner à la Arubian cuisine.

Hot spots:

💦 Fishermen’s hats - This stretch of beach offers off-shore winds and therefore relatively flat water conditions. For a small fee you can find someone on the beach who will keep an eye on you in the water and, if necessary, pull you back into the water if you should not be able to make it against the strong updraft. By the way, the times are divided here for kite- and windsurfing: Kitesurfing belongs to the area in the morning and late afternoon, the windsurfers are allowed to show their skills during the day.

💦 Boca Grande - the spot is exactly at the opposite end of the island. Surfers face new challenges here every day, because the sharp land wind and the unclean, small waves ensure constantly changing conditions. The start may be a bit difficult in this bay. On the other hand, the entire Caribbean Sea is at your feet once you've made it out onto the water.

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5. Gulf of Aqaba & Red Sea, Egypt

Around the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba there are a number of spots that are perfect for windsurfing, kite surfing or diving. Especially the one constant wind, which blows from the north over the Red Sea, makes Egypt extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts. The good accessibility from Europe speaks for the land of the pharaohs. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced: everyone will find their perfect spot here!

Hot spots:

💦 Dahab - this city is the Goa of Egypt, but with far more wind and an average of 300 sailable days per year. Dahab is relaxed and friendly, the sun really always shines and the city, along with Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, enjoys an international reputation among diving enthusiasts.

💦 Sharm El Sheikh- It's not quite as windy here as in Dahab, but the city is still worth the trip. The main reason for this is diving. The ship “Thistlegorm”, for example, which was sunk in the Second World War and which still carries all of the cargo from that time, still lies here. The selection of diving schools here is huge, as is the range of charter boats for day trips or longer excursions with overnight accommodation.

💦 Safaga - The city is located in the south of Hurghada, but it is much quieter than Hurghada itself. Here, too, the wind statistics could hardly be better, and the water conditions are ideal for all learning levels. And when it comes to diving - Safaga is also world class!

💦 Moon Beach - Moon Beach is the right place for a different kind of vacation. Moon Beach is a place where you can really forget everything around you. The place is on the east coast of the Gulf of Suez, near Ras Sudr. Here you can windsurf, kite surf and even try yoga - just in case the strength in your limbs lets you down. The Moon Beach team organizes windsurfing trips right on your doorstep. Kitesurfing is conducted from a resort located 20 minutes down the road. The wind is of course great and reliable here too. Small downer: diving is unfortunately not possible here.

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6. Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain

Clearly: That’s Tarifa European Mecca for windsurfers and kite surfers. A few details about Tarifa: Located to the west of Algeciras on the Spanish Atlantic coast, Tarifa benefits from the effects of the winds that meander through the Strait of Gibraltar. That is from the west "Poniente" and from the east the "Levante". In summer it happens that the Levant sometimes gets a little overzealous, so that sometimes it even Wind force 10 cracks. As a rule, however, around Tarifa's small old town you can expect easily controllable winds and a really relaxed, hip life beyond the water. The water conditions vary between unclean and small waves. The water temperatures are so high in summer that you can surf in board shorts and a Lycra shirt. In autumn and winter, however, you should have a long wetsuit with you. There is also a lot to do and see far away from the water. You should definitely rent a car and go on excursions to fishing villages, small mountain towns and to Jerez, the home of sherry.

Hot spots:

💦 Playa Río Jara - The small beach of Río Jara is not particularly popular with bathers, but it is an ideal spot for water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. At high tide, a lagoon forms, which is particularly suitable for beginners, as the water here is only about half a meter deep.

💦 Playa Dos Mares - This beach is located about 5 km from Tarifa and is the most popular beach for kite and windsurfers to let off steam with their favorite sport. There is enough space here to practice and you can drive almost to the shore by car. This makes it easier to carry the heavy equipment!

💦 Playa de los Valdevaqueros - Behind the Hotel Hurricane you will find the famous Playa de los Valdevaqueros. This beach is one of the most popular among water sports enthusiasts, as the wind blows ideally here, the atmosphere is relaxed and the infrastructure is well developed.

💦 Playa Punta Paloma - This beach can be recognized from a distance due to the gigantic dune that characterizes the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tarifa, thanks in part to the many kites that color the beach. A sea of ​​colors!

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All spots at a glance:

1. El MédanoTenerife, Spain
2. SotaventoFuerteventura, Spain
3. CabareteDominican Republic
4. ArubaABC islands
5. Gulf of Aqaba & Red SeaEgypt
6. TarifaCadiz, Spain

The list of wind and kitesurf spots is a mere list without a qualitative ranking.

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