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Brett Favre would be ready to talk ...

Brett Favre is once again part of speculation, this time in conversation: the Chicago Bears. The San Diego Chargers end their series of bankruptcies with a win in the Monday Night Game at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Still streakin ': The Green Bay Packers also have the upper hand against the New York Giants thanks to Aaron Rodgers and can continue to dream of the perfect season. In New Orleans, quarterback Drew Brees does history against the Lions. When games with the Denver Broncos are close, you can bet your money on Tim Tebow.

Brett Favre, not really, right? This Brett Favre keeps making headlines ... On Monday, a message dominated the NFL: A source close to Favre announced that the 42-year-old would be ready to talk if the Chicago Bears called him.

The Bears are definitely in panic mode since they lost first quarterback Jay Cutler (could miss the rest of the season) and now superstar running back Matt Forte (2-6 weeks).

Backup quarterback Caleb Hanie (6 interceptions in 2 games) has been a disaster as a Cutler replacement so far. Logically, that leads to speculation as to who Chicago could get. Officially, the Bears say so far that they do not want to sign another quarterback. The team has not yet contacted Favre.

Rumor has it that if the Bears do something, they won't be thinking about Favre, but rather about Donovan McNabb (a native of Chicago), who was recently released in Minnesota. Whether Favre or McNabb, it seems very questionable whether Chicago will really still act.

Especially because offensive coordinator Mike Martz's offense is so complex that it is almost impossible for any quarterback to learn it in such a short time.

MNG: Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) - San Diego Chargers (5-7) 14:38 (0:10, 14:14, 0: 7, 0: 7)

The Chargers urgently needed a build-up opponent after six defeats in a row. Philip Rivers urgently needed a build-up opponent after all his interceptions this season. Thank you Jaguars, job done!

Rivers, who leads the NFL in terms of interceptions (17) and turnovers (21), had an almost perfect evening (QB rating: 146.1) and threw long touchdown passes at Malcom Floyd (52 YDS), Vincent Jackson (35 YDS) and Vincent Brown (22 YDS). The return of Floyd, who missed six games with a hip injury, was a blessing for Rivers.

San Diego also benefited from the fact that the Jaguars were missing their top three cornerbacks injured and had to put people on defense who were unemployed a few weeks ago.

While the Chargers are still two games behind Denver and Oakland in the AFC West, the Jaguars had a turbulent week with the sacking of Jack Del Rio and the planned sale of the franchise to businessman Shahid Khan with the next bankruptcy over.

At least the fans in Jacksonville seem to have some hope again, some fans were already wearing "Yes We Khan" T-shirts.

QB: Blaine Gabbert (19/33, 195 YDS, 2 TD, INT) - Philip Rivers (22/28, 294 YDS, 3 TD)

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (20 CAR, 97 YDS) - Ryan Mathews (13 CAR, 112 YDS, TD)

WR: Maurice Jones-Drew (6 REC, 91 YDS, TD) - Malcom Floyd (4 REC, 108 YDS, TD), Vincent Jackson (4 REC, 72 YDS, TD)

New York Giants (6-6) - Green Bay Packers (12-0) 35:38 (10: 7, 7:14, 7: 7, 11:10)

There was less than a minute left at MetLife Stadium. The score is 35:35. 80 yards from the end zone. Sounds like a safe extension, doesn't it? Most Giants fans thought that too. The problem: They did their math without Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers quarterback led his team to the opposing 14-yard line in a manner that was more than impressive. Rodgers brought all of his four passes on the game-winning drive to the man. Mason Crosby did the rest with the crucial field goal. So Green Bay remains unbeaten this season and can continue to dream of the perfect season. Needless to say, with their success in the Big Apple, the Packers were also the first team to qualify for the playoffs.

So peace, joy, pancakes in Packers land? One could think so. But there are also downsides. The Giants did reveal weaknesses in Green Bay, especially on the defensive. With a total of 447 yards, the Super Bowl champion once again allowed the opponent to gain too much space. That could well take revenge.

The Giants, on the other hand, have been waiting for a win for four games, despite a strong Eli Manning. But there doesn't seem to be any herb against Aaron Rodgers at the moment. Even if New York's defensive end Dave Tollefson pointed out, "He's a great quarterback, but I just expect more from our defensive. He's Aaron Rodgers, not Jesus in cleats." At the moment, however, one could almost contradict him a little.

QB: Eli Manning (23/40, 347 YDS, 3 TD, INT) - Aaron Rodgers (28/46, 369 YDS, 4 TD, INT)

RB: Brandon Jacobs (8 CAR, 59 YDS, TD) - Ryan Grant (13 CAR, 29 YDS)

WR: Hakeem Nicks (7 REC, 88 YDS, 2 TD) - Greg Jennings (7 REC, 94 YDS, TD)

New Orleans Saints (9-3) - Detroit Lions (7-5) 31:17 (3: 0, 21: 7, 0:10, 7: 0)

Historic evening at the Superdome: Drew Brees became the first quarterback in NFL history to break the 4,000-yard mark after just twelve games. Overall, the Saints quarterback now stands at 4031 yards.

"His performance doesn't surprise us anymore. He shows us that every day in training. The rest of the world only sees it once a week," said WR Lance Moore succinctly. New Orleans has won all six games at home.

In addition to Brees, Detroit has to look for the reasons for the defeat above all in its own ranks. Anyone who receives a total of eleven penalties for 107 yards must not complain about a defeat. Despite five bankruptcies from the last seven games, the Lions are still on the playoff course.

QB: Drew Brees (26/36, 342 YDS, 3 TD) - Matthew Stafford (31/44, 408 YDS, TD, INT)

RB: Mark Ingram (16 CAR, 54 YDS, TD) - Kevin Smith (6 CAR, 34 YDS, TD)

WR: Robert Meachem (3 REC, 119 YDS, TD) - Nate Burleson (5 REC, 93 YDS)

Minnesota Vikings (2-10) - Denver Broncos (7-5) 32:35 (5: 7, 10: 0, 7:14, 10:14)

Tim Tebow has done it again: For the fifth time in a row, the Broncos, led by their quarterback, decided a close game in the closing stages for themselves. Denver was only 7-2 ahead in the first quarter after an interception return TD from Mario Haggan and then not until 1:33 minutes before the end, before Matt Prater converted two field goals from 46 and 23 yards to victory.

Previously, Percy Harvin had left his mark on the Vikings' game in the absence of the injured Adrian Peterson with two touchdowns for 52 and 48 yards. Harvin set a personal record of 156 yards. Minnesota's quarterback Christian Ponder scratched the 400 mark with 381 yards, but also made two interceptions - one of which led to the decision.

Quite different from Tebow: Again, he did not throw very often, but ten of his 15 attempts to pass arrived, two of which Demaryius Thomas carried for 21 and 41 yards into the end zone. 202 pass yards meant a new personal record for Tebow, who this time held back while running (only 13 yards).

Denver only equaled the game in the last quarter with a 24-yard run by Willis McGahee to 29:29. 3:06 minutes from time, the Vikings took a 32:29 lead with a 39-yard field goal from Ryan Longwell, then Prater scored 32:32. The second Ponder interception sealed the game and resulted in Denver taking the lead in AFC West.

QB: Christian Ponder (29/47, 381 YDS, 3 TD, 2 INT, FUM) - Tim Tebow (10/15, 202 YDS, 2 TD, FUM)

RB: Toby Gerhart (21 CAR, 91 YDS) - Willis McGahee (20 CAR, 111 YDS, TD, FUM)

WR: Percy Harvin (8 REC, 156 YDS, 2 TD) - Demaryius Thomas (4 REC, 144 YDS, 2 TD)

New England Patriots (9-3) - Indianapolis Colts (0-12) 31:24 (3-0, 14: 3, 14: 0, 0:21)

Certainly not the most grateful task for quarterback Dan Orlovsky, leading the Colts onto the field when the Pats are in a good mood. Well, Orlovsky did really well and threw his first touchdown passes since 2008 - Indianapolis nevertheless got their twelfth defeat of the season with a better yard record (437-366).

31:24 sounds tighter than the game, the home side simply took one gear out of gear in the last quarter when the score was 31: 3. The Colts made three more touchdowns in the "garbage time", two of them by Pierre Garcon. However, an onside kick attempt with 36 seconds on the clock then failed.

At New England the Brady / Gronkowski and Brady / Welker connections again worked excellently. Rob Gronkowski scored three touchdowns, Wes Welker caught eleven passes for 114 yards.

If the Pats continue to play like this in the offense, first place in the AFC is actually just a matter of form, given the rest of the program. For more, however, New England must finally find a better pass defense and a running game.

QB: Tom Brady (29/38, 293 YDS, 2 TD) - Dan Orlovsky (30/37, 353 YDS, 2 TD, INT)

RB: Stevan Ridley (8 CAR, 33 YDS) - Donald Brown (14 CAR, 41 YDS, TD)

WR: Wes Welker (11 REC, 114 YDS), Rob Gronkowski (5 REC, 64 YDS, 2 TD, Rush-TD) - Pierre Garcon (9 REC, 150 YDS, 2 TD)

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Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) - Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) 35: 7 (0: 0, 28: 7, 7: 0, 0: 0)

The Steelers defeated the Bengals also in the second duel and thus corrected the conditions in the AFC North. The decisive factor was an insane second quarter, in which Pittsburgh completed four of five attacks with a touchdown.

Ben Roethlisberger dissected the Bengals defense at will in this phase, Rashard Mendenhall took care of the rest from close range (two touchdowns). Overall, the Bengals made too many mistakes (ten penalties for 109 yards of space lost) and achieved turnover through returner Brandon Tate (Fumble) and backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski (Interception).

The highlight of the game was Antonio Brown's 60-yard punt return touchdown to make it 28: 7, which ultimately broke the Bengals' neck. The Steelers receiver stole the again good-looking rookie duo Andy Dalton / A.J. Green on the other side of the show.

Roethlisberger set a new Steelers record for incoming career passes (2026), receiver Hines Ward broke the 12,000-yard mark as the 19th player in NFL history and James Harrison made three sacks for the second time in a row. The Pittsburgh Defense also blocked a field goal from Mike Nugent that would have put Cincinnati 3-0 ahead.

QB: Ben Roethlisberger (15/23, 176 YDS, 2 TD) - Andy Dalton (11/24, 135 YDS, TD), Bruce Gradkowski (3/6, 17 YDS, INT)

RB: Rashard Mendenhall (16 CAR, 60 YDS, 2 TD) - Cedric Benson (13 CAR, 52 YDS)

WR: Antonio Brown (2 REC, 67 YDS, Return-TD), Mike Wallace (3 REC, 38 YDS, 2 TD) - A.J. Green (6 REC, 87 YDS, TD)

Houston Texans (9-3) - Atlanta Falcons (7-5) 17:10 (3-0, 7-3, 0-7, 7-0)

It is admirable: The Texans are not impressed by injuries and are already six wins in a row - a franchise record. This time running back Arian Foster made the difference, who clearly won the duel with the ailing Michael Turner on the Falcons side.

In terms of injuries, Houston is really not to be envied: First the failures of quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart, now wide receiver Andre Johnson has caught it again. Johnson - only back in the squad on the previous matchday after six games injury break - injured his thigh again, suspected of torn hamstring.

Surprising about this game: The inexperienced T.J. Yates did a better job on his debut as the Texans starting quarterback than Matt Ryan on the other hand, who did not even make half of his 46 passes and made two interceptions. Ryan's Hail-Mary attempts twice found no takers in the end zone in the final seconds.

With the win, Houston is still on course for first playoff participation and could even earn a bye for the first round - if only it weren't for the aforementioned injury bad luck ... The playoff hopes of the Falcons, on the other hand, were dampened.

QB: T.J. Yates (12/25, 188 YDS, TD, FUM) - Matt Ryan (20/46, 267 YDS, TD, 2 INT, FUM)

RB: Arian Foster (31 CAR, 111 YDS, 41 Rec-YDS, TD) - Michael Turner (14 CAR, 44 YDS)

WR: Andre Johnson (4 REC, 97 YDS) - Tony Gonzalez (7 REC, 100 YDS)

San Francisco 49ers (10-2) - St. Louis Rams (2-10) 26: 0 (3: 0, 6: 0, 10: 0, 7: 0)

Like the Packers, the 49ers have already bought their playoff ticket. Against the pitiful Rams, anything else would have been a little sensation. After George Seifer (1989) and Steve Mariucci (1997), Jim Harbaugh is the third rookie coach in franchise history to win the division in his first season. Bad for the 49ers: Star linebacker Patrick Willis could miss a few games due to a hamstring strain.

QB: Alex Smith (17/23, 274, 2 TD) - A.J. Feeley (12/22, 156 YDS, INT)

RB: Frank Gore (21 CAR, 73 YDS) - Jerious Norwood (11 CAR, 19 YDS)

WR: Michael Crabtree (4 REC, 96 YDS, TD) - Brandon Gibson (4 REC, 42 YDS)

Arizona Cardinals (5-7) - Dallas Cowboys (7-5) 19:13 OT (3: 0, 0:10, 3: 3, 7: 0, 6: 0)

The Cardinals are slowly but surely developing into kryptonite for the cowboys. For the third time since 2008 there was a duel between Arizona and Dallas. And for the third time, the Texans lost out.

The celebrated hero of the evening was LaRod Stephens-Howling. The running back scored a 52-yard touchdown in overtime, ending the Cowboys' four-game winning streak.

QB: Kevin Kolb (16/25, 247 YDS, TD) - Tony Romo (28/42, 299 YDS, TD)

RB: Beanie Wells (20 CAR, 67 YDS, TD) - DeMarco Murray (12 CAR, 38 YDS)

WR: Andre Roberts (6 REC, 111 YDS) - Dez Bryant (8 REC, 86 YDS, TD)

Cleveland Browns (4-8) - Baltimore Ravens (9-3) 10:24 (0: 0, 0:10, 3: 7, 7: 7)

Awesome performance by Ray Rice. The running back ran an incredible 204 yards for his Ravens. New career record! Baltimore is keeping pace with the Steelers in the AFC North.

QB: Colt McCoy (17:35, 192 YDS, TD, INT) - Joe Flacco (10/23, 158 YDS)

RB: Peyton Hillis (12 CAR, 45 YDS) - Ray Rice (29 CAR, 204 YDS, TD)

WR: Evan Moore (2 REC, 28 YDS, TD) - Ed Dickson (3 REC, 47 YDS)

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Chicago Bears (7-5) - Kansas City Chiefs (5-7) 3:10 (0: 0, 3: 7, 0: 3, 0: 0)

Next bad news for the Bears: After quarterback Jay Cutler, the so far outstanding running back Matt Forte will be out for a few weeks. Forte had to leave the field early in the first half and will be out for at least two weeks with an inner ligament stretch in his knee. By the way, Cutler's replacement Caleb Hanie played - in one word - cruel. The Chiefs sank Hanie a total of seven times.

With the Chiefs, ex-Chicago quarterback Kyle Orton came on the field for exactly one move at the beginning of the second quarter, but then injured his index finger of the throwing hand. Tyler Palko then took over again and was lucky that his touchdown pass was slapped right into the arms of Dexter McCluster by Brian Urlacher just before the break.

QB: Caleb Hanie (11/24, 133 YDS, 3 INT) - Tyler Palko (17/30, 157 YDS, TD)

RB: Marion Barber (14 CAR, 44 YDS) - Dexter McCluster (9 CAR, 61 YDS, 46 Rec-YDS, Rec-TD)

WR: Johnny Knox (5 REC, 53 YDS) - Dwayne Bow (4 REC, 49 YDS)

Washington Redskins (4-8) - New York Jets (7-5) 19:34 (7: 7, 6: 3, 0: 3, 6:21)

Mark Sanchez again demonstrated his strong nerves in the final quarter and led the Jets to victory in the last 15 minutes for the tenth time in his young career. Shonn Greene scored three touchdowns.

QB: Rex Grossman (19/46, 221 YDS, INT, FUM) - Mark Sanchez (19/32, 165 YDS, TD)

RB: Roy Helu (23 CAR, 100 YDS, 42 Rec-YDS, TD, FUM) - Shonn Greene (22 CAR, 99 YDS, 3 TD)

WR: Fred Devis (6 REC, 99 YDS) - Santonio Holmes (4 REC, 58 YDS, TD)

Buffalo Bills (5-7) - Tennessee Titans (7-5) 17:23 (7:10, 3: 7, 0: 3, 7: 3)

Fifth consecutive defeat for the Bills, which the playoffs can almost brush off with. Chris Johnson broke the 100-yard mark for the third time in his last four games. He single-handedly defeated Buffalo with 153 yards and two touchdowns.

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick (29/46, 288 YDS, TD, FUM) - Matt Hasselbeck (16/25, 140 YDS)

RB: C.J. Spiller (14 CAR, 83 YDS, 19 Rec-YDS, TD) - Chris Johnson (23 CAR, 153 YDS, 2 TD)

WR: Brad Smith (7 REC, 72 YDS), Stevie Johnson (5 REC, 52 YDS, TD) - Damian Williams (4 REC, 62 YDS)

Miami Dolphins (4-8) - Oakland Raiders (7-5) 34:14 (6: 0, 7: 0, 21: 0, 0:14)

Nasty attrition for the Raiders, who had previously won three games in a row. Miami celebrated their fourth win in their last five games, led by a strong Reggie Bush.

QB: Matt Moore (13/25, 162 YDS, 22 Rush-YDS, TD, Rush-TD) - Carson Palmer (20/41, 273 YDS, 2 TD, INT)

RB: Reggie Bush (22 CAR, 100 YDS, TD) - Michael Bush (10 CAR, 18 YDS, 27 Rec-YDS)

WR: Anthony Fasano (4 REC, 66 YDS) - Chaz Schilens (6 REC, 89 YDS)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) - Carolina Panthers (4-8) 19:38 (3:14, 9:10, 0: 7, 7: 7)

Carolina's rookie quarterback Cam Newton set a new NFL record with his 13th rushing touchdown of the season. On the side of the Bucs, quarterback Josh Freeman was missing with a shoulder injury.

QB: Josh Johnson (16/27, 229 YDS, 45 Rush-YDS, TD, INT) - Cam Newton (12/21, 204 YDS, 54 Rush-YDS, TD, 3 Rush-TD)

RB: Mossis Madu (8 CAR, 25 YDS) - Jonathan Stewart (14 CAR, 80 YDS, TD)

WR: Mike Williams (5 REC, 93 YDS) - Brandon LaFell (3 REC, 64 YDS)

TNG: Seattle Seahawks (5-7) - Philadelphia Eagles (4-8) 31:14 (7: 0, 10: 7, 7: 0, 7: 7)

Without quarterback Michael Vick, the Eagles lost their last chance. The star of the evening was Marshawn Lynch, Vick representative Vince Young had a pitch-black day (read the game report).

QB: Tarvaris Jackson (13/16, 190 YDS, TD) - Vince Young (17/29, 208 YDS, 32, Rush-YDS, TD, 4 INT)

RB: Marshawn Lynch (22 CAR, 148 YDS, 2 TD) - LeSean McCoy (17 CAR, 84 YDS, 49 Rec-YDS, TD, Rec-TD)

WR: Golden Tate (4 REC, 47 YDS, TD) - Riley Cooper (5 REC, 94 YDS)

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