How can I get a bike

12 tips for learning to ride a bike

Would you like to help your friend or neighbor learn to ride a bike?
Would you like to give a refugee a bicycle, but: he cannot cycle at all?
Then recommend your friend / neighbor / refugee to register for a course at a cycling school.

If you can't find a suitable course near you: The following 12 tips can help a complete novice cyclist learn to ride a bike. Please read through all 12 tips and try out the tasks and exercises described for yourself before you start your individual “cycling course”.

These tips are intended to be "first aid". They are not a substitute for a professional cycling course. Learning to ride a bike is a complicated process. It can be a long way, especially when you learn it as an adult. ADFC cycling schools ensure that you trust a professional trainer with numerous tips and exercises, and that you have the right material available at the right time in the various learning steps. Therefore, a long way to another city to an ADFC cycling school is a good solution.

Tip 1: Take the novice cyclist seriously

Tip 2: Find a suitable bike and unscrew the pedals

Tip 3: Pay attention to the right clothing

Tip 4: Find a suitable place

Tip 5: take your time and don't do too much

Tip 6: Imagine a child on a scooter or a balance bike

Tip 7: Let the novice driver get to know the bike

Tip 8: Try cycling without pedals first

Tip 9: Practice braking before driving

Tip 10: try scooters

Tip 11: step by step to cycle

Tip 12: Practice tips for cycling