Why are there wars for peace

There is hardly a time in history without a war. Even so, it is not in human nature to wage war. Wars don't just happen. They are deliberately decided by politicians or leaders of certain groups. They believe that violence is more likely to achieve your goal than negotiation.


But why do people choose to wage wars?

Some say there are wars because cultures or religions are very different and therefore fight each other. Scientists believe, however, that the real reasons go deeper. Rulers who wage wars want more power, more influence, more wealth or more natural resources for themselves.


Why is there war if the population doesn't want one at all?

Governments are actually there to represent the interests of the people. Nevertheless, governments sometimes decide differently than the population wants or thinks it is good.

Sometimes they pursue the interests of certain groups and do not have the welfare of the entire country in mind. Sometimes countries are even pushed to war by others. In democracies, people can vote for another government in elections.

But there are also countries that are ruled by a dictator. Dictators show no consideration for the population, they even suppress them and intimidate them with violence.