What is the weakness of Tom Cruise

A woman who wants to get away from it will probably have to strike without warning - and preferably with the bolt cutter right away. So it is now said that the divorce is going out solely from Katie, she filed it in New York because there the chances of getting full custody of the daughter are higher. Tom Cruise and his tightly organized helpers, who presumably also know when a Scientologist falls off a bicycle in China, were completely surprised. If Tom's big project "Bring Suri Home" starts up soon, it can be even more cheerful.

On the other hand, no one needs the conspiracy theories that are now circulating. Tom Cruise is so singularly focused on all the things that he tackles that he can only disguise himself to a limited extent - an interesting problem for an actor, by the way. It was just as the world saw it: He meets a colleague, sixteen years younger than him, who already had a poster of him hanging on the wall in the nursery. She is enthusiastic about him, he about her. This is followed by the "Wahnsinnsglück" project: marriage proposal on the Eiffel Tower, ring in a cocktail glass, Oprah's talk show sofa as a trampoline, wedding at an Italian castle.

Experience shows that such a thing cannot be true. Hence the general urge to make more sinister things about wearing "Free Katie!" T-shirts, speculating about rock-hard marriage contracts and secret sexual orientations. All nonsense: Anyone who has eaten across the street from this man, looked him in the eye and is shaken by the energy field blaster of his determination does not need any further explanation. Half an hour of interview time is enough, and you are reconciled with your own slackness, the dark circles under the eyes, the entire imperfection of human existence. A life by his side - and the longing for imperfection has to become overwhelming at some point.

Tom Cruise embodies like no other living being the idea that it could be different. That a life without weakness is possible. He didn't invent this idea. Incidentally, neither did L. Ron Hubbard. He just took it much more seriously than anyone else who made billions of dollars to promote it and spent billions to feel a little better about it. And if Tom Cruise actually turns fifty on Tuesday - then for a change we could ask ourselves who we actually are.