What are some names for auditory illusions

Acoustic illusions - and what do you hear?

Ascending or descending tone sequence?
from Leon Scharw├Ąchter,

Do you know the Shepard tone? That is the eternally falling or rising tone, or more precisely: the illusion (acoustic illusion) of an infinitely rising or falling scale that never ends ...! Ultimately, it is about the soft superposition of several sine waves, more on that later in the video.

One thing is certain: the brain and its ears can be tricked. Even what we see influences what we hear - and vice versa! The following video introduces you to these and other acoustic illusions:

Ascending or descending tone sequence?
I find the Tritone Paradox from minute 1:15 interesting, which says that the listeners give different answers to the sound examples presented. The following are my answers:

# 1: Descending

# 2: Descending

# 3: Descending

# 4: Descending

Ultimately, both answers are correct, since both a high and a low frequency are mixed in the individual tones and the brain subjectively perceives one of the two more strongly ... But I still thought that in my perception at least once Ascending would have been there, but well! What do you hear?

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