What are level 18 government jobs

Government creates 71 new high-paying jobs : "Operation evening sun" - quickly take care of the faithful before the election

It's amazing that this thing gets so little attention. Because pandemic policy is so much more important right now? Probably. And so the two coalition partners are lucky that their "Operation Evening Sun" is drowning in the hustle and bustle.

It seems pretty steep what is still going on shortly before the general election. Many additional jobs in government are being created, especially in high-ranking civil servants, and many in the lower are upgraded.

More precisely: There are a total of 71 new jobs that are paid at level B3 (8762 euros per month) or even B6 (10412 euros).

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That is twice as many as in the two previous years. Since January, a total of 129 civil servants who were previously paid at least A15 (from 5670 euros / month) have been given a higher position. In the same period last year there were 63 promotions - and thus only half as many.

Is that just a necessity?

Against this background, the question arises whether all positions really correspond to the sheer necessity of being able to better plow the extensive and new fields of work; or whether those in power until September would rather take care of their followers. Especially since the future is uncertain in view of the polls among more and more politicians from the CDU, CSU and SPD. If the current governing parties do not come back to power or change the ministerial praise, loyalists will quickly be rewarded.

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This is the case with Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), who creates 18 new jobs (salary level B, at least 8,305 euros / month). Even Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU), the defense minister, cannot safely assume that she will return to office; it has approved eleven new B posts.

Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) also wants eleven new jobs, and her return is very unlikely. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer from the CSU, scandalous and controversial even with his party leader Markus Söder, wants five new B posts.

Scholz had set up a "Vice Chancellery" in the Ministry of Finance right from the start

Then the SPD: There should be ten additional B-posts with Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht, which ends in federal politics. That's for sure. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz creates another seven new jobs; He had already occupied 41 at the beginning of the legislative period. At that time Scholz built up his “Vice Chancellery”, an office that doesn't even exist in the constitution.

In the Merkel era since 2005, around 4600 additional jobs were created. The alarm bells are ringing not only among the taxpayers' association, but also among the opposition. They are not convinced by the argument that new tasks require new strengths.

The objection is that the population has not grown significantly, and the tasks of government have not fundamentally changed. The general verdict is therefore: Although there was an increase in the number of posts in the past before elections, it was never so extensive and expensive.

The Federal President will not refuse to sign the certificate of appointment in the case of high, even political posts - his office sees no legal action. The action can therefore only be stopped if the Chancellor intervenes, as the taxpayers' association is already clearly demanding. What Angela Merkel will only do if the matter attracts a lot more attention.

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