What are the modern techniques of war


War and modern technology

If war is not the father of all things, it is at least the origin of many modern technologies. It may seem strange to many people, but modern technology wouldn't be where it is today without the war. There are many examples of this, and the 20th century in particular, during its numerous wars, has produced many technologies that shape our everyday lives.

While developments in the First World War primarily took place in the arms sector, the motorization was still missing, which closed the gap in the Second World War and changed the conduct of war forever. The most important innovation, however, was certainly the conquest of the third dimension: in just a few decades, aircraft evolved from silly vehicles to deadly weapon systems. Only a few decades passed between the development of the biplane and useful jet fighters. Such a rapid evolution would hardly have been possible in such a short time without war. The first missiles were also used for military purposes.

But the Cold War also pushed modern technology forward. Supersonic aircraft, strategic bombers and the perfection of rocket technology led to the ability to use weapons anywhere in the world in a very short time. Nuclear technology has its origins in the development of the atomic bomb, but our world can no longer be imagined without it. In addition to the obvious generation of energy, atomic research has also made important advances in medical research.

Even the most important everyday inventions of the last few decades are based on modern technology that was developed for the war. The Internet was originally intended to enable military command posts to be decentralized so that the chain of command could not be interrupted by a nuclear strike. And the GPS that everyone has in their car today was celebrated as a purely military innovation during the Gulf War of 1991.

Even if it is not always clear to civil users of modern technology: War is one of the main drivers of human research, which is probably also related to the fact that financial support is easier to obtain in times of war. A lunar program is hardly conceivable today without the pressure of the Cold War. However, the civil benefit is sometimes just as great as the horror under which technology is developed.

War by no means only takes place abroad. Especially in Germany's big cities there are always hidden small wars between criminal organizations and the long arm of the law. Private detective agencies also benefit from the technical developments. Thanks to GPS transmitters, hidden cameras, mobile internet connection and many other refinements, detectives can solve increasingly tricky cases.

Unfortunately, war games are still a real trend among young people. Where people used to fight with self-made wooden swords, today realistic battles with outstanding game graphics are fought over the Internet. It is therefore not surprising that soldiers' clothing is also very popular with many young people. Parents should make sure that their children do not take such games too seriously and often talk to them about the violence and cruelty of war.

In Germany, residents have felt safe about war for years. They are more concerned about possible intruders, which is why special door closers and sometimes even surveillance cameras are installed at the entrances. In the war, on the other hand, such security precautions are less of a help, as soldiers usually rarely have problems with locked doors.