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The best podcasts for a career kick

Out and about in the car or at home on the couch: the podcast is a content format that not only offers entertainment, but can also be useful for training purposes. Here are some of the best career podcasts. But be careful: there is a risk of addiction!

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The podcast has established itself as an established medium over the past 10 years. In Germany alone there are currently around 6,600 different formats that deal with all kinds of topics. Whether it's a car, family or science - there is now guaranteed to be the right format for every recipient. Making a good choice is often not easy in this jungle. We did that for you and researched the best career podcasts for you. This provides you with information on all aspects of networking, self-realization, digitization and the like and is guaranteed to stay up to date.

Technology on the ear. Podcast for engineers

The podcast "Technik auf Ohr" comes directly from the VDI and is aimed at all engineers who are interested in technology. An episode appears every 14 days - on Thursdays. The compact episodes last around 30 minutes and cover all topics that concern engineers and people in technical professions. Career tips such as salary negotiations and developments in your studies are also part of the format. Exciting questions are discussed with interview guests at the VDI podcast. Just listen and subscribe.

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Prototype - The career podcast for engineers

Nothing goes into series production without prototypes. We say quite immodestly on our own behalf: Our brand new podcast is your tool with which you can develop your career in all phases - from studies to the executive chair.

The moderators Peter Steinmüller, Claudia Burger, Wolfgang Schmitz and Peter Sieben speak every 14 days on Thursdays with prominent women and men from business, research and education. We don't have gray theory. Instead, prototypes share their experiences with you, give you practical tips for your success and reveal exciting details from your own professional life.

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Xing Talk - Work.Future.Digital. / Xing E-Recruiting

The popular online job portal Xing is known throughout Germany for direct communication between applicants and personnel decision-makers. In April 2017, the website published a new format which, together with the etiquette expert Carolin Lüdemann and her guests, deals with the most frequently asked questions about the job market. The podcast “Xing Talk” addresses topics such as the dress code in the office, the right behavior towards colleagues and new models regarding working hours with direct tips and tricks. The format is available on iTunes, Spotify and its own website and appears every 14 days. It appeals to over 21,000 listeners. The episodes are on average 5 to 10 minutes long and are only available in video format on the website.

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As a monthly counterpart to this, another podcast was published in 2018 specifically for personnel decision-makers. This is called Xing E-Recruiting and mainly deals with the topic of recruitment and the general interests of the employer.

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Finally Monday!

Heiko Link, an experienced career advisor, launched the podcast format “Finally Monday!” In 2016 in order to expand his own area of ​​activity and work. In his format, he speaks to experts from various industries about applications and the associated requirements and what should be considered during the application process. A good 3,000 followers receive useful information about job interviews and the like every 14 days - from the point of view of HR officers and company representatives. The podcasts are published regularly on well-known platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Tunein,, Stitcher and their own website. There are currently two formats: a half-hour and a one-hour podcast, often divided into several slots.

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Role models

Equality should be evident in all areas of life. Isabelle Sonnenfeld, head of Google's news laboratory in Germany, and David Noël, former communications director at Soundcloud, follow this maxim. Their aim is to pass this attitude on in multilingual podcasts. Interesting interviews with women from all areas of work, managerial positions and inspiring professional worlds are presented every 14 days as podcasts at “Role Models”. Particular emphasis is placed on making these interviews in German and English understandable for a greater reach. The podcasts are currently on the platforms Spotify, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Stitcher and their own website. They are on average 45 to 90 minutes long and reach an audience of around 300 interested people.

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Digital nomads

Career takes place in real life. This is the motto of the “Digital Nomads” podcast, or DNP for short. True to this motto, the moderators Timo and Sascha from Hamburg provide their audience with all kinds of exciting content on the topics of location-independent careers and tips on how to deal with their own company. Both of them are happy to invite guests from a wide variety of sectors. Everything revolves around being able to think outside the box in a self-determined manner. With a reach of around 3,000 listeners, the podcasts are currently offered on Spotify, iTunes and their own website. The length of the audio files ranges from 15 to a full 60 minutes.

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Fresh to work

In addition to private individuals, famous websites also publish podcasts on the subject of work. The digital version of the magazine “Die Zeit” has been involved in podcasts since 2017 and invites famous German personalities to talk about their relationship to their own professional life. These can either be very long or very personal, and usually reach an average length of 30 to 60 minutes. Outside of your own website, the audio files can also be played and subscribed to on other platforms. These include iTunes, Spotify and Deezer, among others. The reach of the podcasts has so far reached an unrivaled maximum of around 12.8 million potential users (as of 2018).

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HBR Ideacast

Although the original “Harvard Business Review” is an English-language magazine on a wide variety of topics, the website has long been concerned with digital podcasts on a wide variety of topics. In addition to some other series, the weekly format about companies, their management and their changes takes place here. Great thinkers and other personalities are invited to a face-to-face meeting to discuss the current situation on the global job market. With a reach of 7 to 8 million listeners and an average length of 20 to 40 minutes per podcast, this format is one of the most popular in its industry. They are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radiopublic and their own website and are soon approaching the 700th episode.

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Boss not babe

Young women in particular often still have a difficult time with their own career ambitions, even in times of equality. This is the subject of the podcast by journalist Solveig Gode and the editor-in-chief, psychologist and mother Anke Precht. Since 2018, Solveig has been addressing the various problems of young women on the career ladder openly and directly and clarifying them in direct conversations with power women from various industries. In addition, she gives help on all sorts of topics and clears up prejudices. While the files can be accessed directly via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and her own website, the journalist also allows downloads.

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On the way to new work

During a trip to New York, the two Hamburg entrepreneurs Michael Trautmann and Christoph Magnussen were enthusiastic about new tools and methods that should change the work environment and the work itself. The two founders decided to dedicate themselves to this topic by means of a book that should bring together all aspects and components of the career. They then published a weekly podcast series in 2017 to capture their thoughts, discuss them with nationally known personalities and share them with the world. With around 12,000 followers, the podcasts are very popular. Unlike other digital discussion groups, the files are only available on external platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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Of course, it is also very important to pay attention to your own mental health in your career. Together with the moderator and psychologist René Träder, the meditation app developer 7Minds provides its listeners with valuable tips on the subject of mindfulness in all areas of life in the podcast of the same name. The moderators convey psychological and scientific aspects as well as good humor and entertainment. In addition, guests from various industries are often invited to deal with relevant information. The weekly podcast from Berlin can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer as well as Youtube and Soundcloud. The episodes are between 15 and 40 minutes long, making them perfect for short breaks.

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