What is 23x45

Universal ventilation grille - optionally with adjustable or fixed slats. Our air grilles are painted from sheet steel and complete with a mounting frame made from galvanized sheet steel. With their temperature-resistant stove-enamelled surface, these grilles are particularly suitable for installation in the stove. Conceived for uncompromising functionality in an appealing timeless design, our ventilation grilles can also be used for any other purpose.

The advantages of our standard ventilation grilles:

  • High stability of the installation frame thanks to the edging on both sides.
  • Small installation dimension of the installation frame when retrofitting in the furnace system due to the inside edge being folded on both sides.
  • Very smooth running of the slats thanks to the second guide rail.
  • Bratzen ”in T-shape with 2“ noses ”each for an optimal hold on the installation frame.
  • Straight and rigid installation frame for easy assembly and mounting of the connecting plate.

Technical data ventilation grille (cold air grille / warm air grille):


Cover plate external dimensions

Free cross-section

Ventilation grille 20x15 cm

20/15 cm

125 cm2

Ventilation grille 25x15 cm

25/15 cm

165 cm2

Ventilation grille 35x15 cm

35/15 cm

245 cm2

Ventilation grille 45x15 cm

45/15 cm

325 cm2

Ventilation grille 20x20 cm

20/20 cm

180 cm2

Ventilation grille 23x23 cm

23/23 cm

260 cm2

Ventilation grille 35x23 cm

35/23 cm

430 cm2

Ventilation grille 45x23 cm

45/23 cm

570 cm2

Last but not least

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Shipping weight: 2.33 kg
Item Weight: 2.33Kg
Dimensions (length × width × height): 45.00 x 23.00 x 5.50 cm
Free cross-section cm²: 570
Installation dimensions cm [W x H x D]: 44.5 x 22.5