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VIM - main help file

help.txt For Vim version 7.2. Last change: 2008-Jul-21

Move around:Use the cursor keys, or "h" to go left, "j" to go down, "k" to go up, "l" to go right.
Close this window: Use »: q «.
Leave Vim:Use ": qa! " (be careful, all changes will be lost!).
Jump to a topic:Position the cursor on a tag (e.g. | bars |) and type CTRL-].
With the mouse: »: Set mouse = a« to activate the mouse (XTerm or GUI). Double click with the left mouse button on a tag, e.g. | bars |.
Jump back: Type CTRL-T or CTRL-O (repeat to go back further).
Get specific help It is possible to go directly to what you want help about by using the command |: help | give an argument. It is possible to specify the context in more detail: help-context
Command in normal mode(Nothing): help x
Command in visual modev_: help v_u
Command in insert modei_: help i_
Command on the command line:: help: quit
Editing the command linec_: help c_
Vim command argument-: help -r
option': help 'textwidth'
Looking for help:Type ": help word", then press CTRL-D to see matching help entries for "word".

VIM stands for Vi IMproved (improved Vi). Most of VIM was done by Bram Moolenaar, but only with the help of many others. See | credits |.


| quickref |Overview of the most common commands you will use
| tutor |30 minute training course for beginners
| copying |About copyrights
| iccf |Helping poor children in Uganda
| sponsor |Sponsor Vim Development, Become a Registered Vim User
| www |Vim on the World Wide Web
| bugs |Where to send bug reports


User Guide:

These files explain how to accomplish an editing task


| usr_toc.txt | Contents overview




Effective editing


Customize Vim


Get Vim up and running

| usr_90.txt | Install Vim


Reference manual:

These files describe every detail of Vim. reference_toc


General topics

| intro.txt |General introduction to Vim; Notation used in the help files
| help.txt |Overview and quick reference (this file)
| index.txt |Alphabetical index of all commands
| help-tags |All tags that you can jump to (index of tags)
| howto.txt |How to do the most common editing tasks
| tips.txt |Various tips for using Vim
| message.txt |(Error) outputs and explanations
| quotes.txt |Comments from Vim users
| todo.txt |Known issues and desired enhancements
| develop.txt |Development of Vim
| debug.txt |Debugging in Vim itself
| uganda.txt |Vim distribution terms and conditions and what you can do with your money


Basic editing


Advanced editing


Special problems








Notes on special systems


Standard plugins


Local supplements:

| matchit.txt | Extended "%" matching


Bar example

Now that you jumped here with CTRL-] or double-clicked, you can use CTRL-T, CTRL-O, g or to go back where you were.

Note that tags are inside | characters, but these are hidden when highlighting is activated. This makes it easier to read a command.

You can use CTRL-] on any word, even if it's not inside | is, and Vim is trying to get help with it.