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"Our hearts are bleeding" - Muslims for Peace

Statement by the Friede Institute for Dialogue

Vienna (OTS) - We are stunned and dismayed at the terror that this time has targeted our beloved city and country. We strongly condemn this hideous and cowardly attack against innocent people.

Our thoughts and compassion go out to the bereaved of the victims. We wish the injured a speedy recovery. Special thanks go to the local police and rescue workers who risked their lives to help people and prevent worse things from happening.

We, as the Friede Institute for Dialogue, as devout Muslims assure that we never tire of our commitment to peaceful coexistence - our active efforts for human dignity, for human rights, for democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression and for ideological plurality do not become stop.

“Regardless of his belief, every person is a venerable being; human life is sacred. " Fethullah Gülen, October 30, 2020

The Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen made our religious point of view clear about the terrorist atrocities in France only last week:

Such atrocities, committed in the name of the Prophet, are a clear expression of the fact that the perpetrators have no understanding of the Prophet's message, which includes all of humanity with its mercy and goodness. On the contrary: Such an act is an outrageous disrespect for the spiritual legacy of the Prophet. "

You may be tempted to fall into silence when the terror hits your own country, in the heart of Vienna - it is particularly difficult to find words.

But it is precisely this favor that we must not and will not do this cruel, inhuman attitude that tries to spread fear and terror and to divide our society.

As the Friede Institute for Dialogue, we will tirelessly raise our voices for dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

Every attempt to destroy the peace and cohesion in our society leads to us reflecting even more on our values ​​and even more committed to the dialogue and peaceful coexistence of ideological plurality.

On behalf of all members and the board of directors of the Friede Institute for Dialog, Yasemin Aydin (chairwoman)

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Fethullah Gülen's position on the extremist murders in France

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