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How to use coworking successfully: 5 practical tips

Are you a self-employed, freelance creative person or the founder of a start-up? Then coworking can be an ideal form of work for you. The modern shared office is flexible, conserves resources, requires time, enthusiasm and causes (low) costs. If you want to make the most of the advantages of a modern coworking space, here are 5 tips.

Your temporary office and team: Find the coworking space that suits you

The coworking center is your temporary work space. The other creative people who work here temporarily are your temporary colleagues. Try it out for several days. Change the workplace more often to test out different constellations, light and space conditions. Get your first experience with other coworkers. Please also note the background noise: Can you work with great concentration here, even if the shared office is fully occupied? Ask your gut feeling: Does it say “Yes, I feel good here; I'm productive here ”? If you are not sure, try again the next day.

Coworking is flexible. Stay flexible when using it

Most coworking spaces offer different payment models: with daily remuneration, monthly, annual subscriptions. Even if the price for a day ticket may seem high at first: start flexibly; do not book a subscription yet. Maybe the day after tomorrow you have a customer or job in another city and you work there. If your first coworking days are successful and you plan more far-reaching, you can always book a cheaper subscription. Avoid expensive double structures: Use your high-performance notebook, whether at home, on the go, with customers or in the coworking room. You don't need to buy anything else that you can use together with others during coworking. Booming start-ups also benefit from the flexibility: Instead of building and expanding their own infrastructures, they can use coworking centers with rapidly growing teams. A conference room is booked by the hour for brainstorming or confidential discussions.

You will meet a lot of cool people in the shared office. Meet the right people

Successful coworking thrives on inspiration, transparency and contacts with the "co-workers". And of shared office use, the infrastructure such as WiFi, a good coffee bar and more. You save yourself investments in your own work space, avoid fixed costs, and remain flexible in terms of time and space. Some have already found groundbreaking ideas, business partners, and new clients in the coworking community. Use the network openly but consciously. You don't need to examine everyone immediately to find out whether they are a potential business partner. But please pay attention to an appropriate balance: concentrating on your work and inspiring contacts. Then you will cowork successfully.

Find ideas that will help you and others

Let yourself be inspired by coworking, discuss problems and possible solutions, virtual or real. Get involved in workshops and forums on topics that interest you. It can be stimulating to help other coworkers find solutions or to be supported yourself. Use fresh, completely alien approaches to thinking from others and combine them with your ideas to create something new. Working this way harbors many opportunities, but also a risk: coworkers could get lost in many general visions. If you do it in a structured way, that won't happen. Invest a lot of time and passion in working together when the result is valuable. Sometimes this results in joint projects or successful business ideas. If a concept is unsuccessful, coworking will give you suggestions as to what you could change in order to be successful.

Beware: time thieves also lurk in the coworking center

As a self-employed person, your time is even more valuable than it is already: Plan a lot of time for coworking too, in which you can concentrate on your core work. The time robbers that exist in almost every large company and team could also lurk in the coworking space. Conversations with cool people are interesting. But please note that this will not fill your whole day. Structure your coworking working day: like in one, like in your good company.

Conclusion: Coworking is a great opportunity, especially for creative self-employed people and start-ups

If you use coworking creatively and actively, you will be successful with your ideas, your business and together with others. With low costs, a lot of inspiration and motivation. Try it. Have fun with successful coworking!