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Hugh Hefner: Its secrets are coming to light

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Hugh Hefner's dark secrets are set to be revealed in a new TV documentary.
The founder of "Playboy" magazine was known for his hedonistic way of life and lived with a multitude of attractive women in his Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. Now a new format for the British broadcaster ITV wants to reveal what life in the villa really was like. Carla Howe, a former Playboy bunny, reveals in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: "The show is currently being filmed. The producers are talking to the girls who lived in the villa."

Not only will flattering stories about the businessman, who died last September at the age of 91, come to light. "I've never had a bad experience with him, but there are a few girls who were different. Some girls come up and talk badly about him," reveals Howe about the production of the documentary. "I've heard bad stories. I heard that they all had to take turns doing it with him. They were all in a small room together. Sometimes there were up to eight people. A lot happened there. Fortunately, that never happened to me . When I lived there, he was already married, so I was rather lucky. The girls said to me, 'You are lucky that you weren't here a few years ago'. "

Actors have already been hired to re-enact some spicy scenes for the documentary. According to the Playboy founder, Howe was also aware that sooner or later his mansion secrets would become public. After all, numerous women lived in the property over the years.

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