What is it like not having a girlfriend

What makes women tick and why I can't find a girlfriend!

Hi girls and if need be the men too.

Above all, I want to know from the girls themselves what makes women tick and why I can't find a girlfriend.

I don't want to say too much about myself beforehand, but that will come up very quickly. I don't know where to start and where to stop.

I am 31 years old, 189cm tall, 90kg, bald, German type, looks (every look is beautiful and I wouldn't go to look too first myself) I know a lot of women who would not be described as beautiful or smart by others , but still have a heart of gold for me, even if I didn't notice it right away, how then. It often takes time to recognize certain things and that doesn't always happen so quickly.

I don't have any friends, but I know some people and family to talk to. I don't like men because they have a way that I don't warm to. They are arrogant, macho, pushy, reckless, dirty, disgusting, arrogant, primitive or too fixated on their friends and families.

I haven't had a girlfriend yet, but I've been in love a few times. It was probably more of a crush, because what could still come or what I had hoped for in my fantasy, that would be in love, love, getting married, children, family.

That's what I long for with the right woman by my side. I would be happy with less, but not really happy. But I see no reason why this cannot be true when you truly love a woman.

For me there are at least two kinds of love. Once when I've fallen in love with someone and want to get to know them better and the other when someone loves me and I love them because they want to get to know each other or already know each other better. If nothing happens from the other side for too long with one-sided love, then it is not love for me and it goes out again for me.

I've already heard that a man has to fight for a woman, has to conquer her and can also be rougher and more intrusive and hit her on and flirt with her. For me it's just like a law that everyone has to comply with and they can no longer be themselves. This is nothing for me and if a woman does not recognize that and how I advertise and flirt with her in my own way, then I am sorry, but then this is not the right one for me.

I currently like two women and have feelings for them, but I don't really know either of them. I've only known her from Facebook for 5 and 3.5 years. I find it difficult when I like two women at the same time and want to get to know them because, as I said, the fantasy is much further, although I know that I could suddenly think very differently when I meet them in person and get to know them better would learn.

I would say that the longer 30-year-old would suit me better, but I tend to have the feeling with her that it will not work and therefore now concentrate only on the shorter 18-year-old. For me it is so that at the moment I can only concentrate on one and my heart sticks to her.

With the 18-year-old I wrote beautifully over and over again, but then suddenly it subsided and became less and less. She knows that I like her, that I want to meet and get to know her. I want to know what her character is like and if I still want to get to know her better. But I can't tell her that in the chat yet. It would be almost like a lie and I don't think she could keep it on her part if she said something beforehand.

But the whole thing is rather a minor matter. I want to know what makes women tick and whether they want to say it honestly at all. Who can tell me that the type of woman I'm into even writes or reads here?

Now you can ask something or write to me. Just remember, I'm not going to let myself be bent and changed just to please the women who are not my type at all. This is then not love for me, but an adjustment to force a love or to pretend only to get affection, closeness, sex, love or something else without really loving yourself. That is never an option for me.