Is hypnosis actually achievable

The wondrous world of hypnosis

March 13, 2021, 2:00 am

With the help of a hypnotist, contact can be made with the unconscious and problems that are deeply hidden can be solved. The American psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson expanded and modernized work with hypnosis beginning in the middle of the 20th century. Numerous international studies prove their effectiveness.

For many people, hypnosis is still something magical. This is due, among other things, to the misrepresentation that can often be seen in films or videos in the form of show hypnosis. To the amusement of the spectators, the hypnotized walk around like cackling chickens completely without a will. In fact, one is never subordinate to the hypnotist and can get out of the trance at any time.

First aid with hypnosis

Today we are introducing you to various areas of application for hypnosis. It is mainly about hypnotherapy, i.e. psychotherapy combined with hypnosis. Here there is a partnership relationship between the client and the therapist.

The first technique we introduce is the latest in hypnosis - it is used in emergencies. Due to the circumstances, a directive form of hypnosis is practiced here. It is important that a person who has been involved in an accident is given direct instructions as they are in a state of shock. And there is little time left.

Dr. Thomas Kemmler-Kell is a general practitioner and hypnotherapist. Together with Dr. Annette Held, he developed the concept of emergency hypnosis and founded the Institute for Emergency Hypnosis in Bremen. This institute has set itself the task of further training medical staff and thus giving them the opportunity to help people in emergency situations with an additional method.

Fantasy trip instead of general anesthesia

Have you ever heard of the fact that during an operation you can choose hypnosedation instead of drug sedation?
The patient puts himself into self-hypnosis with the help of an anesthetist who is knowledgeable in hypnosis, combined with local anesthesia.

OA. Dr. Herbert Sponring, specialist in anesthesiology at the Vienna Sanatorium Hera, has been practicing hypnosis since 1999 and is Vice President of the Austrian Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis (ÖGZH). He conducts hypnotherapy in private practice and accompanies his patients before and during operations with hypnosis. Correct use of words is particularly important.

Sensual language "inspires" the state of trance

One of the most important experts in hypnotherapy in German-speaking countries is the psychotherapist and Vice President of the German Society for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (DGH) rer. biol. hum. Dipl. Psych. Agnes Kaiser Rekkas. She practices in her own practice in Munich, teaches and has written numerous books on various aspects of hypnosis. She has also published the collective work “Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - Manual for Practice, Training and Teaching”. There are also some CD's with hypnosis instructions from her. Agnes Kaiser Rekkas gives an insight into her specialty: the poetic language of hypnosis.

In this interview, Agnes Kaiser Rekkas talks to Lydia Sprinzl about the development of hypnosis and about fantasy journeys, among other things. The hypnotherapist goes in detail on the elements of hypnosis language including many examples from her book “The poetic language of hypnosis. Therapeutically effective trance in its most sensual form ”.

Children particularly susceptible to hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is used very successfully, especially with children. Unlike adults, they automatically go into a trance several times a day - for example when playing. Because of this, the state and the feeling are known to them and they are easily accessible through this method. The enormous imagination that children have within them is an advantage.

Children often suffer from unspecific abdominal pain or headaches or psychosomatic illnesses such as asthma, migraines, neurodermatitis or allergies. Psychologists, psychotherapists or doctors with hypnotherapy training can help here. But also with pain, for example in oncology, at the dentist or with chronic pain symptoms. The general practitioner and psychotherapist Dr Charlotte Wirl has been working with hypnosis since 1989. She teaches and has published numerous publications on hypnosis in children. She also co-founded the Milton Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis and Short Therapy Austria (MEGA).

Unfulfilled desire to have children and preparation for the birth

In certain exceptional situations, our body goes into a trance by itself. This also happens during childbirth. The contractions of the uterus trigger a state of trance in every woman. The specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Eva Pavelka, works at the State Hospital Wiener Neustadt and has been accompanying women during childbirth for 20 years. She shows expectant mothers in the course of hypnomental birth preparation according to Schauble and Hüsken-Janße how they can use this trance to their advantage.

Hypnomental birth preparation reduces anxiety and strengthens self-confidence so that a positive birth experience is possible.
Eva Pavelka also uses hypnotherapy for women with an unfulfilled desire to have children. The social environment and the entire situation create enormous pressure. This leads to stress and upsets the sensitive hormonal balance. Hypnotherapy invites women who want to have children to relax again.

Relax again during sex thanks to hypnosis

Sexual dysfunction is very common and still taboo. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and cramps are among the most common symptoms. Unbeaten at the top, however, is complete listlessness. Prof. in Dr. Monika Wogrolly, psychotherapist and philosopher, takes on such problems in the course of couple and sex therapy. In doing so, she relies on relaxation methods and strengthening the self-confidence of those affected.
She has written many relationship guides and her latest work is called “The Relationship Formula. To love happily at last ”.

At the general practitioner and hypnotherapist Dr Barbara Laimböck, clients lie on the couch with their eyes closed. This gives more space to the senses that are important for good sex such as smell, hearing, tactile sensation and of course the imagination. "And everything that is possible in the imagination also works in reality," says Barbara Laimböck.

Lydia Sprinzl, MA and Dr. Christoph Leprich