Will the effects of the Brexit war bring to Europe

Reactions to Brexit : "I am convinced that they will come back after 15 to 20 years"

After Brexit, the end is far from over ...

Some had been looking forward to this day, others were afraid of it: Now the United Kingdom is actually out of the EU.
This blog now also says: "Bye bye!". We will of course keep you up to date in other texts about further developments after Brexit.

Because even if Brexit is now complete, there will still be a need for discussion. The country will remain in a transition phase until the end of the year. During this time, all disputed points must be clarified. Difficult negotiations are pending ...

Romano Prodi: They were nice but exhausting years

Former President of the EU Commission Romano Prodi expects the British to return to the European Union. "I am convinced that they will have problems and come back after 15 to 20 years," said the Italian at a business event in Turin, according to the Ansa news agency.

The politician, who headed the EU Commission from 1999 to 2004, summed up shortly after Brexit: “This is not a nice day for Europe, because Great Britain has meant a lot to Europe, both from a military-political point of view and for scientific research and finances. But it also always brought about unrest. "
Everything had to be discussed. "They were good years, but the relationship with Great Britain was also very stressful," said 80-year-old Prodi, who was also Prime Minister in Rome. (dpa)

Macron: "You are not leaving Europe"

French President Emmanuel Macron has written to the British and announced a trip to London in June. The British exit from the EU was a "blow to Europeans," wrote Macron in English.
"Dear British friends, you are leaving the European Union, but you are not leaving Europe," said the letter that the 42-year-old published on Facebook.

The President recalled the French World War II hero Charles de Gaulle, who almost 80 years ago - on June 18, 1940 - had called on his compatriots from London to continue the war from the colonies in view of the military defeat. Macron announced that he would award the City of London the Legion of Honor in June. (dpa)

Brexit night is peaceful - few arrests

Despite the sometimes aggressive atmosphere, the Brexit night in London and other parts of Great Britain was largely peaceful. There have been few arrests, said Scotland Yard on Saturday.
Five men were arrested in London's government district on charges of drunkenness and property damage. Hundreds of people celebrated Great Britain's exit from the European Union on the square in front of Parliament late in the evening.

A man was also arrested in Glasgow. Both Brexit supporters and Brexit opponents gathered there that night in the city center. The police kept the two groups at a distance with a large contingent. (dpa)

Emotional video of British World War II veterans

British World War II veterans have expressed their disappointment over their country's exit from the EU with the help of a giant projection on the cliffs of the port city of Dover. "I'm very, very sad about all of this," said a 95-year-old veteran named Sid in the recording released by an EU-friendly campaign that was shared tens of thousands of times on Twitter by noon. "We want to be together and we will be together, I'm sure."

The 97-year-old Stephen Goodall made a similar statement. "I am very sad that we are leaving Europe because it meant so much to me," he said in the short film. “I like to be called a European. The feeling of camaraderie that you have when you travel through Europe is really something special. ”He hopes for his descendants that Great Britain will come closer to Europe again in the future.

The recording, which was also translated into German and French, ended with a picture of one of the twelve European stars. Underneath it was written: “This is our star. Take care of him for us. "

Söder: “Bavaria Embassy” planned in London

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has regretted Britain's exit from the European Union. “It's a sad day. We will miss the British very much in Europe, ”he said, according to a statement from the Bavarian State Chancellery.

Söder emphasized that it was now important to maintain close relationships. Bavaria is therefore already planning a representative office in London. This "Bavaria Embassy" will be opened before the summer, said Söder. "We remain connected as Europeans!" (Dpa)

EU institutions are removing British flags

Because of Brexit, the EU institutions have removed British flags. In the large council building in Brussels, two employees took the Union Jack from the row of flags of the so far 28 EU countries shortly before the UK left the EU on Saturday night without any major ceremony and carried it away, as official pictures showed.
At the British representation to the EU - since the UK left the official embassy of a third country - no EU flag was waving on Friday afternoon.

The joy of French brewers

France's brewers celebrate Brexit. With Great Britain's exit, France now has the most breweries in the European Union for the first time, said the Brasseurs de France association.
France has "almost 2,000" breweries that produce around 6,000 different types of beer, the association emphasized. In Great Britain there were around 2,100, but they no longer counted.

After Brexit, Germany only came in second with around 1,500 breweries, stressed French brewing president Maxime Costilhes. However, he admitted that Germany still has by far "the largest breweries with the highest beer production" in the EU. (AFP)

Roth: Europe had to serve as the "last rascal"

Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth (SPD) expects difficult negotiations with Great Britain on a new one Cooperation agreement. The EU standards in social policy and consumer issues, for example, should "not come under pressure," emphasized Roth on the RBB's Inforadio. There should also be no dumping for the lowest wages and taxes, Roth said.

Roth warned the government of Britain's Prime Minister Johnson against "cherry-picking". The remaining 27 EU states are "in the process of strengthening the EU in terms of social policy". The aim is to combat dumping "for the lowest wages", "the lowest social standards" and "the lowest corporate taxes," Roth told the broadcaster.

The SPD politician also denounced British European policy in recent years. London maintained a distant relationship with the EU for decades. Hardly any government has tried to counteract this with a positive attitude. In Great Britain, Europe had to serve as the "last rascal" with a view to everything that went wrong, criticized Roth. (AFP)

Blue cheese and Yorkshire pudding for Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated in small groups at his Downing Street residence with English sparkling wine and a distinctly British selection of appetizers, including Shropshire blue cheese and Yorkshire pudding with beef and horseradish.
"For many people this is an amazing moment of hope, a moment that they believed would never come," he said in a video message, excerpts of which had been previously published. He called on the British for unity, saying this was the opportunity for "real national renewal". "We want this to be the beginning of a new era of friendly cooperation between the EU and an energetic UK." (Reuters)

Long party with the supporters

More than 5000 Brexit supporters celebrated their farewell from the international community in front of Parliament in London until late at night. They sang patriotic songs, waved British flags, launched fireworks and popped champagne corks. "We're free," said 53-year-old Tony Williams. "It's a fantastic day."

There were no visible counter-protests from among the millions of British people who voted to remain in the EU in the Brexit referendum in June 2016. (Reuters)

Brexit also divides the British press

The division of the British in view of the now completed Brexit was also reflected in the media comments on Saturday. The right-wing tabloid "Daily Express" proclaimed "a glorious new Britain" after the UK left the EU on Saturday night. The London "Standard", however, prophesied the British a "bumpy road" out of the EU.

The tabloid "Sun", which before the Brexit referendum in June 2016 had vehemently promoted the exit, celebrated the completion with the title "Muscles without Brussels". The Daily Telegraph commented, "Well done British people - out at last". The television station Sky News, on the other hand, showed melancholy with the treadmill message "Farewell, au revoir, goodbye".

The publicly funded broadcaster BBC, which had repeatedly been criticized by supporters and opponents for its coverage of Brexit, reported soberly: "Brexit: The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union" was one of the titles.

The left-wing newspaper "The Guardian" referred to the persistent division of the British in the Brexit dispute. "The mixed feelings on Brexit Day show that Britain is not yet comfortable in its own skin," commented the newspaper.

Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson's appeals to heal the Brexit wounds in British society, supporters and opponents only agree on one thing: Both see the implementation of Brexit as "an epochal change in the history of these islands".

The newspaper "i" hinted that even after Brexit there was still a lot to be regulated. "What next?" (What's next?) She asked on her front page.

Great Britain completed Brexit at midnight (CET). It was the first member state to leave the EU. The move was preceded by the referendum three and a half years ago and a long political turmoil with several postponements of the Brexit date. The future relations between the EU and Great Britain are now to be negotiated in a transition phase until the end of the year. (AFP)

After Brexit is before the next row

Brexit is over, and after years of back and forth, the United Kingdom has left. Of course, that doesn't mean that everything will be a little more relaxed now. On the contrary, now the negotiations with the EU are starting - and many can also imagine that the UK itself is falling apart as a result of the Scottish deposition movements.
Whatever happens, we'll be sure to keep you updated. And at this point, thank you very much for your interest, that's it for today with our Brexit Day blog.