What are some incredible photos of SR71

Flymodel No. 31, Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird", 1:33

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    Sorry friends, I do not undestand you Maybe our Admin would translate it? I would appreciate it very much. But anyway, thank you for your answers

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  • Hello friends!

    Today I hadn't many lessons, so I had more time on modeling. So today I began the scratchbuilding of the cockpit. All parts were made from real photos. Offcourse, I cannot make everything, because the cockpit of SR-71 is jam-packed and many parts are very small.

    I think that it will be enough only to make the largests items.

    So let's begin.

    Unknow box at the right of RSO. I don't know why this box is used for, but it is quite big, so I decided to build it. Also I will put here a photo of real box, for you to know, about what I am talking now

    So firstly I made a white box, and then I painted it.

    Hello friends,
    I didn't have many hours today, so I had more time to build. So today I started building the cockpit myself.
    I built all parts from original photos. Of course, I can't do everything because the SR-71's cockpit is packed
    with lots of small parts.
    I think it will be enough to just make the bigger parts.
    So, let's go.
    Unknown box on the copilot's right. I don't know what this boy is used for, but it's quite big
    so i decided to build it. I'll also include a photo of the real box so you know what I'm talking about

    First I built a white box and painted it.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img205.echo.cx/img205/9755/imgp26405xf.th.jpg]

    And here it is assembled and attached to the cockpit. Also I put a wire, which means some kind of pipe.

    And here it is assembled and mounted in the cockpit. I added some wire as a kind of pipe.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img214.echo.cx/img214/771/imgp26580sy.th.jpg]

    And this is a real photo of this unkown box

    And this is the unknown box in the original

    [Blocked graphic: http://img39.echo.cx/img39/2788/c90rh.th.jpg]


  • And now the RSO monitor. In the original part, it was just painted, but I decided to make it separately. Also you can see a photo of real monitor in SR-71 ..

    And the copilot's monitor. The original part was only printed on, but I decided to build it separately.
    You can also see an original image here.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img92.echo.cx/img92/8001/imgp26427ps.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img235.echo.cx/img235/5646/imgp26604ig.th.jpg]

    And this is a real photo:

    The original image:

    [Blocked graphic: http://img217.echo.cx/img217/102/c109rk.th.jpg]


  • Here you can see a modified RSO panel. I have added some kind of box with one switch and one button, that I found in the photo of real SR-71 ..

    The modified copilot panel can be seen here. I added a box with a switch and button that I found in the original picture.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img41.echo.cx/img41/1176/imgp26544ji.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img126.echo.cx/img126/6641/imgp26551eg.th.jpg]


  • And now the work with some kind of cylinders, that are located at the sides of the pilot and RSO

    Firstly I have rolled the cylinder and painted it. Then I put a drop of the glue to one of its end, to make that end round and protruted.

    And now the work on some cylinders, which are located next to the pilot's seats.
    First I rolled and painted the cylinders. Then I put a drop of glue on the end to make it round and protruding
    let it work.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img77.echo.cx/img77/4986/imgp26448gr.th.jpg]

    Then I have painted that end. Everything was done according to the real photo ...

    Then I painted the end. Everything according to original pictures

    [Blocked graphic: http://img83.echo.cx/img83/9866/imgp26469pp.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img85.echo.cx/img85/9027/imgp26491ta.th.jpg]

    The main view. As I have bought that "third hand", I cannot live anymore without it :))

    The overall view. Since I bought the "third hand", I can no longer do without it :))

    [Blocked graphic: http://img13.echo.cx/img13/3762/imgp26500ig.th.jpg]

    This is a photo of the real cockpit. In red you can see those unknown cylinders. In blue, you can see a yoke, about which we will talk later. And in the green you can see engine controls, which will be seen later in the main view.

    This is a photo of the original cockpit. The unknown cylinders can be seen in red. In blue you can see a club
    I'll talk about later. And the engine levers can be seen in green, which will later be visible in the overall view.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img76.echo.cx/img76/4069/c65lv.th.jpg]


  • And now the yoke. First of all I cut it out from the wire, then I painted it and attached a small rim. Then I put some glue to the end of the yoke in order to thicknen it.

    And now the stick. First I cut a piece of wire, varnished it and added a small border. Then I put some glue on the end to thicken it.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img130.echo.cx/img130/4197/imgp26563ba.th.jpg]

    Then I have painted all these parts. Also I've put a red dot to the end of yoke, to imitate the button

    Then I painted all of these parts. I added a red dot to the end of the stick to represent the button.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img22.echo.cx/img22/3861/imgp26616ra.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img217.echo.cx/img217/9468/imgp26627xh.th.jpg]

    You can see a photo of real yoke in the post about cylinders ..

    You can see a photo of the real stick in the article on the cylinders.


  • The main view of the cockpit.

    Many items are not glued, I've just put them to see the main view. Also you can see engine cotrols, which were made according to the real photo of SR-71. You can see that photo in the post about unknown cylinders.
    I have attached these cylinders with wires, that imitate pipes. Everything was made according to the real photo ...

    The general view of the cockpit.
    Many parts have not yet been glued in and are only used for visual impression. You can also see the engine levers that I used after the
    Took photos. The photo is included in the contribution to the cylinders.
    I attached these cylinders with wire to mimic pipes. Everything back to the original picture ... :)

    [Blocked graphic: http://img227.echo.cx/img227/5750/imgp26698tr.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img100.echo.cx/img100/9173/imgp26725pc.th.jpg]

    Tommorow I will continue my work with the detailing of the cockpit. Many things haven't been made yet ..

    Thats all. Good luck to all of you!

    Tomorrow I will continue my work on the cockpit detailing. Many parts are still missing .. :)
    That's all. Good luck to you all!


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    Joke: Where, do you think, the boast of Germany - M. Shumacher was working before his career in F1?


    Joke on the edge: Where do you think the pride of Germany - Michael Schuhmacher - worked before his Formula 1 career?

    [Blocked graphic: http://img101.echo.cx/img101/2423/shumis7iz.jpg]

    That's all. Good luck


  • Hello friends!

    Thank you for beautiful words and appreciation once again. And if you write any answers, please write in English, because I do not understand German language. By doing so, we will give less work for our dear Admin!

    So I am finishing a scratchbuilding of the cockpit. Here are some prepared parts, that I made according to the real photos.

    Hello friends,
    thank you for the nice words and the appreciation. And if you write answers, please write in English,
    because I don't understand German. So you make your dear admins less work!

    So I come to the end of building the cockpit. Here are some prepared parts that I will post after the
    Took original photos.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img212.echo.cx/img212/2118/imgp26761rx.th.jpg]

    These are the RSO's notes ....

    The copilot's notes

    [Blocked graphic: http://img231.echo.cx/img231/7341/imgp26785es.th.jpg]

    This is a group of swithces. They have been made from the wire, that I have acquired from the cords for computer networks. After gluing them to the base I have painted them in stell enamel.

    A group of switches. They are made of wire that I got from computer network cables. After gluing it to the base plate, I painted it.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img23.echo.cx/img23/978/imgp26819ov.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img43.echo.cx/img43/7262/imgp26826zw.th.jpg]

    There you can see a group of swithces and red alarm lamps ..

    Another group of switches and red alarm lights.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img112.echo.cx/img112/4669/imgp26858wa.th.jpg]

    This is half-finished RSO's left panel

    The copilot's half-finished left panel

    [Blocked graphic: http://img111.echo.cx/img111/8085/imgp26847cj.th.jpg]

    Finishing works: I am painting some white edges ...

    Final work: I paint some white edges.

    [Blocked graphic: http://img120.echo.cx/img120/2742/imgp26918jz.th.jpg]


  • Hello!

    Now I continue the work with the frames. I have attached the back part of the main frame.

    I have made just a third part of all reinforcements, but the plane is extremely tight. It doesn't bend and twist. You can take it by its tail and it will be straight like arrow, despite the fact, that I have put some weight into the nose ...
    At the moment plane weights about 300g and I think that the weight of the finished one will be about 800-1000g ...


    We continue with the work on the frame. I mounted the back of the main frame. I've only added a third of the reinforcements, but the plane is extremely stiff. It bends
    and does not twist. You can lift it at the stern and it stays straight as an arrow, although I put some ballast in the bow.
    At the moment it weighs around 300gr and I think the final weight will be around 800-1000gr ...

    [Blocked graphic: http://img101.echo.cx/img101/923/imgp27223cp.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img89.echo.cx/img89/7420/imgp27259sq.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img92.echo.cx/img92/452/imgp27286ei.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img9.echo.cx/img9/4982/imgp27303ng.th.jpg]

    [Blocked graphic: http://img39.echo.cx/img39/1794/imgp27327fb.th.jpg]

    Fat bear with tiny plane ....

    The fat bear and the little plane

    [Blocked graphic: http://img17.echo.cx/img17/1327/imgp27425re.th.jpg]

    Thats all. I wish all of you good luck!


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    Best Regard's your old friend

    Hello Mindaugas,
    My English is not so good, I also write in German.
    We have two very good translators from English to German and vice versa in this forum, so just wait a bit, then you can
    you read it in English just as members can read it in German.
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  • Hi Mindaugas,
    there is only one thing I would like to tell you:

    YOU ARE CRAZY !!!!!!!!! REALY CRAZY !!!!!!!

    And I got so jealous of your fantastic details in that cockpit, when I first saw the pictures.

    Both thumbs up !! (and there would be more up, but I only have two).

    I'm looking forward to see more of your art.


    Hi Mindaugas,
    there is only one thing I can tell you:
    You are crazy !!!!! Totally crazy !!!
    And I got so jealous of your fantastic details when I saw the pictures
    first time saw it.
    Both thumps up! (and I would hold up more, but I only have two!)
    I look forward to seeing more of your art.

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  • Hello Mindaugas !!!!

    I am looking to your cockpit, and i must say, its incredible !!!!
    From were you would take the energy for the lamp?
    Is the energy coming from externally with cable, or internally in the airplane ??

    Dear Mindaugas i am looking to your project with great interest

    Greetings from Austria


    Hello Mindaugas !!!
    I'm looking at your cockpit and I have to say it's amazing !!!
    How do you plan to power the lights?
    From the outside with cables or internally in the aircraft?
    Dear Mindaugas, I am following your project with great interest

    greetings from Austria